Current inspiration

arizona-muse06 styleby-2012-11-denisa-1-710x466 Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH tumblr_m8k5krDs5z1qzf6joo1_500

Simplicity is the first word! Black and white, second and third.
I don`t feel like blaming uni or the busy London life, but I`ll try to keep up my blogging in 2013. I have missed it- alot, but Instagram (alexandrasae) kept me alive he he. I hope I still have some people reading my blog, I`ll do my best to keep you updated trough all the fun I have in London. I`m in Norway at the moment, but will be in London TOMORROW night, can`t wait to spend new years eve with family and friends. I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas!


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One thought on “Current inspiration

  1. Sunniva says:

    Jeg er også en norsk student som bor i London. Det er alltid gøy å finne flere! Hva er det du studererer? Håper du har hatt en kjempefin jul og at du hadde en topp nyttårsfeiring! xx

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