Alexandra Saetran

Alexandra Saetran

Ahhh, this weather! It`s poring down, and I had a struggle finding time to shoot a few pictures of my pajama today. I have my cousin here this week, and it`s obviously not the best time to see London for the first time.

I love the pajama look and could walk in this outfit everyday during the summer! The shoes are “prikken over i` en” to make me look extra sleepy ha ha. The pictures are taken by Kari – visit her new blog at

Loafers Topshop/Shirt and trousers Zara

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4 thoughts on “todays

  1. linda-mari says:

    Det er kjempefint her hjemme! Bloggen hans står i source, Terry’s Diary 🙂

  2. Regine says:

    Å, så kult antrekk – loving it!

  3. maja s says:


  4. så utrolig fett antrekk, jeg må virkelig skaffe meg noe lignende! awesome!!

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